Stocks That Could Make Investors a Fortune In 2015

Being an investor, knowing the proper stock which has enough potential to give a significant amount of profit is a very important thing. There are lots of stocks present in the market. From them few have the potential to give its investors significant amount of credit. There are different research firms who always involved in the search of the stocks with significant continuous growth. Though it is expected that the market will raise 9-20% from their current labels the Sensex will also be changed from 27,500 to the 30,000-33,000 level. For this reason the investors will have to more selective in picking the proper stock which can give the high amount of return. The 10 stocks which are selected as the most potential stocks by the leading Indian research firms are such as Morgan Stanley, Macquarie, Ambit, Credit Suisse, IIFL, Angel Broking and Religare etc. Some of the stocks which are selected on the basis of potential returns and earnings growthby some of the major research firms are described in the following:
·         HCL Tech: HCL Tech is considered as one of the top ranked stock for investing as it is a play on high growth area of infra management services that is 34.5% of the revenues. This stock has a 13.31% of growth rate where the CMP, Target price and Current PE (X) are respectively 1595.95, 1808.32 &16.42. It is expected by the analysts that there should be a presence of high teen operating margin frequency over for the next three years.
·         HDFC Bank: Presenting the constituent financial performance for the last few years, HDFC bank is included in the list of the top ranked stocks. It has enough potential to provide the investor higher amount of returns. The growth of the share is 7.8% where the CMP, Target price and Current PE (X) are respectively 951.60, 1025.75, and 24.95. Making loan growth as a main key this stocks is increasing its earning potential constantly.
·         ICICI Bank: Though the ICICI bank is included in the stock having high potential, it stands to gain from an economic recovery as well as reform push for the infrastructure sector. Retail loans are the main key which is responsible for the growth of the bank. Having an economic growth of 12.54%, this stock has the CMP, Target price and Current PE (X) respectively of 353.00, 397.26, and 19.42. Having strong earnings growth always boost the return on equity.

·         Maruti Suzuki: Being an auto mobile company, it has strong earning potential where the one can invest money without any worries. Analysts think that the volumes can grow at 17% annually over the next 3 years. Having a 9.13% growth rate, it has the CMP, Target price and Current PE (X) respectively of 3328.30, 3632.28, and 40.91. A sharp 250 basic point uptick is also expected to be occurred in the growth of this stock. The main causes behind the growth of it higher operating voltage as well as proportion of premium products and increased localisation etc.