Cheap Domain Registration Hosting

Want to get a desired domain name for your own purpose? Well for that you will have to start by finding the cheapest domain register. There are thousands of domain registers which you may find over the internet. They are not only different according to their service quality but also according to the price which you need to pay for getting their service. So, this is quite tough job to find the best domain register which can serve you as per your expectation in an affordable price too. A large no of these domain registers are currently providing different attractive deals as well as web hosting too which may help you a lot when you are running your own website. The only price at the time of domain registration mainly incurs due to providing standard .com address. Now I am going to give you a brief view about the companies who provide cheap domain registration service with web hosting and many other exciting deals. is one of the popular domain register which you may opt as your first preference due to their annual fee of only $0.99/year for the first year and after that you have to pay only $10.99/ each additional year for getting the service. In that above mentioned price private registration is included which can make you worry free for paying again as well as you will get different attractive deals often. They also offer hosting service too. is another domain registration service provider which offers domain registration service for $5 in the first year with web hosting as well as exclusive deals which have the capability to make you benefitted a lot. provides domain registration in an annual fee of $7.95 for the first year and then you always have to pay $9.95/year in all the additional years.

They also provide private registration in an affordable price of $9.95/year.  As well as hosting service too. One of cons which you might face from their service is the unavailability of offers but this is not a great when you are served with this type of superior service all the time. is the only one domain register which provides some exclusive deals. You will get the domain registration service only at $8.99 for the first year after that you have to pay $9.99 each year. The cost for private registration is only $4.00 for each year through the service. You will get many exclusive deals such as free private registration if 6 or more domains are ordered at once. The discount which you will get is $8.49 per domain and receive free private registration, only when you register 6 or more domains or for 3 or more years and.

Simultaneously with the advancement of the information technology, getting own registered domain as well as website is an urgent need for many persons. Instead of searching here and there over the internet, if you are really looking for cheap domain register then the above information may help you a lot.