Directory Structure

Sun MicroSystem provides a directory structure which is required to maintain for creating web applications in Java. This directory structure is used to any web application server independent.

Following are major requirements of a Directory Structure :-

  1. Root folder is required for an application with any name.
  2. A Sub-folder named WEB-INF is required within root folder.
  3. Two sub-folder named Classes and Lib is required under WEB-INF.
  4. Lib folder will have all Jar files.
  5. SRC folder is placed in root folder for all java files.
  6. Any other folder can exists in root directory or WEB-INF folder.
  7. Images, JavaScripts, JSP and other files needs to be placed in root folder.
  8. Classes folder will host all .class files.

Above all directory structure is mandatory for creating a web application.