Forensics Online Course

An immense change is occurred in the education system due to the advancement of the information technology. Online course is one of the most attractive as well as fruitful change which becomes viral in the recent days. Currently online course for different subjects are offered by many university where every student get learned in a more convenient as well as scientific way. Forensic science is also not the exception of this change. Many universities offer forensics online course to make it reach to millions of students as well as teach everyone in a more convenient as well as scientific way without much hassles and restrictions.

Currently there are many universities who are offering forensic online course. Amongst them some of the top ranked university’s forensic online courses are described in the following: i) Walden University- Being accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and placed in the top ranked universities, this university is now offering Online Master of Science in Forensic Psychology. This course offered by this university is among the cheapest online master’s degrees in forensic psychology as the tuition fee is only $290.00 per credit hour.

The course which is offered by this university is mainly concentrated on Forensics and the Law, Leadership and Management, Self-Designed, Victims and Justice. ii)Chicago School of Professional Psychology- Being accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, this university has been offering graduate-level programs since 1979. Recently this university is introduced Online Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology. The whole course can be completed within 20 months with an affordable rate of tuition fees worth $982.00 per credit hour.

There are some unique features of the program provided by this university such as courses in ethics and professional issues, psychopathology, mental health law, diversity in forensic psychology and substance abuse evaluation and treatment. iii) Saint Leo University is another renowned university which is offering Online – Master of Science in Criminal Justice which is related to Forensic Psychology. This course is actually offered by the School of Education & Social Services. Robert J. Diemer who has 30 years of investigative experience runs this School of Education & Social Services. The tuition fee is $422 per credit hour. Some of the unique features of this course are forensic interviews and interrogations, psychopathology of criminal behaviour, courtroom psychology, preventing terrorist attacks etc. iv) Southern New Hampshire University is now offering Online Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Psychology. Being a private, non-profit school, this university is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. A student admitted in this university is offered tuition’s for only $320.00 per credit hour. Students who get admitted in this course have to learn criminal profiling, patterns of criminal behaviour, eyewitness memory, and definitions for insanity, and more.

After considering all the features of these online courses about forensic science we can say that, this type of online learning is the most convenient way for anyone who wants to learn the subjects of his/her interests in an independent way.