How can you make use of internet TV?

Streamax TV is a HD internet TV box which when connected through internet can give you access to 1000 HD channels which are available in internet. Streamax TV comes with 2.4 Ghz and 5GhZ dual band wifi for fast media streaming. The internet TV box comes with 8GB of storage built in so that you can also store the channel programs for your later views. The internet TV box also contents audio output of 5.1 surround support giving it a feel of home theatre. Streamax internet TV box requires 10 MBPs download speed or more for its optimal operation. It’s one of the best product among all internet tv boxes in US. Gaining more and more popularity day by day.
Its priced as low as 399$ only with 12 years warranty on all its parts. The internet TV box also has many offline games which can be used without internet.
Benefits of internet TV box(300 words)
Streamax TV comes with many benefit of internet HD tv box simply because of the reason as :
1. It has best output resolution compared to other internet tv boxes
2. The best part is it has wifi connectivity which makes it flexible to move anywhere anytime
3. Streaming best quality HD in amazingly fast speed with good voice quality with no buffer time.
4. Setup of internet tv set top box is amazingly simple.
5. Training and support available on setup of internet tv set top box.
6. As soon as a user buys the internet tv set top box, he or she also become the brand partner.
7. Best part of the internet TB box is its one time investment and there is no monthly recurring fees such as for cable operators.
8. You don’t need to plan your day as per the channels, but you can see your favorite shows as per your convenience.