How to add songs to iPhone

First time iPhone users often face the problem in adding music to their iPhone’s but once you get used to the process, everything seems perfect. After learning this process, you don’t have to worry about losing your songs or other files because all the data present in your iPhone remains backed up in your PC or iCloud and addition of new songs is pretty simple. Let’s follow the steps provided below to add songs to your iPhone.
1st Method:  
  • For adding a new file to your music library, Open iTunes on your PC, go to File > Add file to Library and navigate for the song you are wishing to include in your music library on your iPhone.
  • After that connect your iPhone with your PC via USB cable, and on iTunes an iPhone button will appear.
  • Click on Music option and tick the sync music option if it’s not already ticked. In case you have distributed your songs among different playlist then you need to select the appropriate playlist from which you want to add the songs.
  • Now click on Apply and all the songs present in your iTunes library will be available on your iPhone.
Just like you did for the music, you can use the same procedure for apps and videos. You can sync your iPhone apps anytime so that the data present in your iPhone remains backed up. After that you won’t need to download apps every time you resent your iPhone. Just one sync can do it all.
2nd Method:
In this case, you will need to purchase a song or whole music album if you want to add music to your iPhone from iTunes. However free purchases are also offered on some songs but mostly you need to buy the ones which you need at the moment. If you are comfortable in paying for music then follow the steps provided here.
  • Navigate for the iTunes app present on your iPhone and open it.
  • Select a song from the recommendations or search for a song you wish to buy.
  • After searching, click on the song and you will see the buying cost of the song. In case you want to buy any particular music album, you can do so by searching album name instead.
  • If you want to buy it tap on the purchase button and confirm the order.
  • The downloading of the purchased music will immediately start after the completion of payment status.
  • You can also keep your automatic download option turned on so that iTunes automatically downloads your purchased music on your iPhone. Go to Settings > ITunes and App store > Automatic Downloads > Music.