How to do isometric exercises

What are isometrics?
Before going through the isometric exercises, it’s essential for you to know how this muscle mania works. Basically isometric exercises cause contraction of muscles but without any variation in the joint angle and muscle length. Isometric exercises results in the activation of all the motor neurons which is quite hard to achieve with normal workout. By doing targeted isometrics, you can easily eradicate your joint angle making problem which will make you able to perform perfect bench press. Isometric exercises aren’t that much popular among the real world because there isn’t any particular equipment availability for isometrics and there are some alleged problems noticed by people as a result of isometrics which include decrease in muscle speed, control and coordination, also decrease in muscle elasticity has been noticed. But you can overcome these side effects if you are able to do perfectly timed and targeted isometrics. By taking extra care in performing isometrics, these problems can be conquered.
 How to do isometric exercises?
You can perform isometric exercise in two ways which will be described here individually. In first method, equipment is required and is effective in increasing muscle strength. The 2nd method can be performed without any equipment and is effective in increasing performance and injury recovery.
1st Method:
In this scenario, you can mix up isometrics with your workout routine to increase the efficiency. While you are doing your usual chest presses, biceps curls, triceps extensions or something like that, you can involve isometrics by pausing at the halfway of your starting point and holding there for few seconds in each rep. You can increase the efficiency of this isometrics by holding your weight before you lower back to the start point.
2nd Method:
You can add isometrics in your normal exercises which don’t need equipments necessarily like push ups, lunges, squats by pausing  at the lowered position and holding yourself there for a moment. Isometrics can also be associated with crunches by holding each time you reach at the top of the crunch. You can make it much more effective by pausing just before you reach the start point. While doing plank exercises, you can further increase the strength building process of this exercise by keeping your elbows a bit bend instead of keeping them straight and hold few seconds in that pose. This will make your muscle work much harder and thus your muscles will be gaining tremendous strength.