How to draw a lily?

Indeed you are a talented personality who has drawn many beautiful flowers since babyhood. But ever wonder why you aren’t able to achieve perfection? Here is your answer, your talent just needs a bit tune up with some brilliant techniques you will need to draw a beautiful lily flower. Here we have summed up these step by step essential methods which will guide you all the way to draw a beautiful lily flower.
Step 1:
Let’s keep this technique neat and simple. So, begin the procedure by drawing a small sized circle and attach a long lined stalk at its base. The circle will act as a bud of lily flower.
Step 2:
For drawing of the petals of lily flower, draw 7 curved lines originating from the centre of the circular. These set of seven lines are to be distributed evenly all around the bud. 
Step 3:
Now cover all these 7 lines by the contours of lily petals. These seven lines will look like midribs of leaves / petals in this case. Each contour should merge with one another at halfway before landing on the circumference of circular bud as single line.
Step 4:
As the basic geometrical skeleton of lily flower is all set, now we will erase the seven lines present within the petals of lily flower. Now it’s time to do some beautifying process within this basic lily diagram.
Step 5:
As the interior of petals are totally empty, we need to fill them with properly symmetrical short and long lines which will properly define the petals.
Step 6:
The initially drawn stalk needs to be replaced by a long piped stalk which is surrounded by leaves on both the sides.
Step 7:
In the interior of lily flower draw some anthers arising from the circular flower bud and forming the central core of lily flower.
Step 8:
Your lily flower is finally complete. You can add light shadowing at the points where light isn’t able to reach. This will further intensify the beauty of your lily flower.
Step 9:
In case you need to colour your lily flower, you can either use water colours or crayons. But you should note that the leaves of lily flower are distinctly shaded green colours. 
  • It’s recommended to draw your lily flower with pencils because it becomes easier to correct the mistakes and implant some extra editing. Also few skeletal things are needed to be erased in the further process so pencil rather becomes compulsory to be used.
  • Keep the tip of your pencil well sharpened. It should neither be so much sharpened that it breaks while drawing or pierces the paper nor should be so rough to draw.