How to lose 10 pounds fast

If you’re looking to lose 10 pounds of weight within just one month of time, then you are at the right place. However this place isn’t for long term weight losers who aren’t prone to lose 1- 2 pounds in a week.  This  weight lose schedule cum eating guide is for the persons who want to lose weight within minimum time period for getting ready to attend a big bash wedding ceremony or any other activity.
Let’s get started:
What to eat and what not to eat?
Stop taking high calorie foods and beverages and move on to eating healthier foods. During this month, you will need to reduce your calorie intake and torch calories by exercises. If you aren’t aware of calorie value of foods, browse Mr Google and you will find loads of charts of foods with mentioned calories. Write down the foods you take and their calorie values as per the amount you take. After that reduce your food intake to the level at which your calorie value reaches 1000-1200 calories a day. If you will perform aerobic exercises by keep this calorie limit, you can lose 3-5 pounds in just a week. But don’t lower down your calorie intake below the mentioned value because it will make you weaker no matter what your weight is.
Just eating less isn’t enough but eating nutritious is also essential. You will need to stop junk food usage and start eating green vegetables, protein containing foods, and fruits. Eat salads, lean protein foods like fish, chicken, eggs every day.  You might think that it’s OK to use all kinds of beverages but it isn’t. You need to know the calorie value of beverages before taking them. Most of the beverages have whooping calorie values so avoid drinking them. Satisfy your thirst with just simple water. However you can also drink almond milk, soy milk or non fat milk but say no to alcohol.
Workout routine:
Besides proper dieting, torching extra calories each day is very essential otherwise diet plan won’t work. For rapid weight loss, few hours of aerobic exercise is highly recommended each day. You need to perform running, swimming, rope jumping and stair treadmill activities for losing your 10 pounds of weight within a month. If you are able to complete a mile in 8 minutes, you burn 861 – 1286 calories, swimming; rope jumping, etc are also chief exercises for calorie burning. Remember to warm up every day before starting exercises constituting 20 sit ups and 20 push ups. After that you can move on to working out on cardio machines. Besides machines, you should also take part in any athletic sports and dance. This way you can lose weight very rapidly and get a fitter body.