How to not feel lonely?

To eradicate this heart throbbing awkward feeling of loneliness, you need to make yourself understand that loneliness is just a temporary feeling arising with a particular situation, it’s not everlasting. The feeling of loneliness is generated when you are alone in a social crowd, you feel like being invisible, etc. But you can easily overcome this feeling of loneliness making everyday changes. Your pathway to start a new journey of life without loneliness starts here.  By doing these activities, you will find yourself in the middle of social crowd and loneliness will be far behind you.
Activity 1:
Before starting to make physical efforts, you need to be mentally and emotionally prepared. That means you need to make yourself understand that you are never alone, it’s just the path you have chose taking you towards better days so loneliness is often obvious in these situations. If you can’t fight this feeling anymore then there is definitely lack of physical contact between you and people outside the world. You need to break the barrier you have gathered around you. 
Activity 2:
To get mixed up with the crowd, you need to join different activities like sports club or health club. Join a local community where you can put forth your feelings and visions besides exploring the new world around you. But try to get involved in the activity which you find interesting and you might even discover your hidden talent which was covered up by your social isolation and shyness.
Activity 3:
After you get involved in something better, don’t allow the feeling of loneliness to eat you up again. In free time try to read a book, ride a bicycle or have conversations. It’s better to you keep yourself busy with interesting things all the time which could be doing any extracurricular activity.
Activity 4:
The feeling of loneliness isn’t always generated because you are missing someone special but there are other reasons also like you aren’t finding yourself a hobby where your interest lays or you aren’t making your life enjoyable. Stop worry about things and go to watch a movie, have a dinner at restaurant and make your life worth living. When you will start loving yourself and your life, people will find you very interesting and too charismatic to ignore.
Activity 5:
If you can overcome a feeling that you need some living soul around you all the time, then getting a pet is a nice idea. You can grab a cute cat or dog and enjoy activities like jogging, and other daily tasks. Finally you will have someone you can take care of.  But remember to fed your pet regularly and be sincere with his needs.