How to sell gold?

Selling gold might seem to be an easy job to you but it’s one of the trickiest jobs to do these days. The demand for gold is tremendously increasing and so are the fraudulent dealers in this business increasing. So, it’s better to do an adequate amount of research in neighbourhood before selling your precious gold. For the safety of your gold, we have summed up this step by step method to follow for selling your gold at fair prices to registered dealers.
Step 1:
The regular jewellery stores are least likely to deal with you unfairly. So, first of all you should visit the popular jewellery stores around you and try to sell to them. They usually deal with the customers reasonably.
Step 2:
No matter what, don’t go to the pawn shops. They will buy your gold and give you the minimum amount of money. So, selling your gold at pawn shop is totally bad idea if you want to get reasonable price for your precious jewellery. 
Step 3:
Gold buying companies are tremendously increasing and most of these companies use fraud techniques to buy your gold. They might fall you in honey trap and snatch your gold jewellery professionally. There are some honest ones involved in this business but it’s better to stay away from them. 
Step 4:
One of the best ways for selling your gold at good price is to explore the jewellery shops around you. Different jewellery stores will provide you with different offers and you will have the freedom o choose the best possible offer your gold can get. But remember t visit multiple store instead of few.
Step 5:
Don’t go blindly at selling your gold. Firstly sit at home and properly identify what standard of gold and which kinds of precious stones are present in your selling collection. Gold isn’t sold in just one form there are different types of pure and impure forms which you should evaluate before estimating the amount of money your jewellery deserves.
Step 6:
Set your gold in a proper presentational form so that it will be easier for gold buyer to evaluate your gold. Set apart different types of pure and impure collections, stones, etc and you will save your as well as dealers time. This fair presentation can easily give you some extra money because time is money and you just saved the time of dealer. Use magnets and magnifying glass to sort out different types of gold
Step 7:
After your have sort out your gold, weigh each type of gold. You can weigh it in grams as well as ounces but majority of gold buyers use ounces to weigh gold. So ounces are recommended. It will definitely help you in selling your gold efficiently and fairly at the right price.