How to tell if someone is lying

No matter how hard human beings try to hide the truth, it comes out at the end. However nowadays people don’t have time and patience to wait for the end and it’s where science of expressions comes into play. By properly noticing the facial and bodily expressions of a person, one can easily detect whether that person is lying or not. You will need to learn these techniques properly and not to rush on experimenting these techniques and end up catching an innocent person by his neck.
1st Technique: Face and eye expressions:
When speaking with a person, you need to look at his face thoroughly and notice the micro expressions while speaking. If a person is lying, you will notice a micro expression of sorrow on his face which is upward movement of eyebrows merging towards the middle part of forehead causing few wrinkles.
When a person is telling a lie, he or she will often touch the nose or cover the mouth. When a person tells a lie, adrenaline rush takes place in the nose and causes itching. Also the mouth will be talking nervously with lips very closely together.
Till yesteryear one of the most essential factors to determine whether a person is lying or not used to be by looking at his or her eyes but nowadays scientists doesn’t completely agree with eye movements.  If a person isn’t telling a truth but just making up a fake story to tell, his eyes often move upwards and rightwards, it’s true for right handed persons when as vice versa takes place in left handed persons.
Usually it is said that lying persons aren’t able to make eye contact with the person they are lying to but nowadays smart liars make up firm eye contact while telling a lie so that they won’t be caught. But liars usually either break up eye contact frequently or make up too longer eye contact which can be suspected of telling a lie.
2nd Technique: Body language expressions:
Excessive sweating is the most universal indicator telling that a person is lying; this technique is also used in lie detector machines. But a person should be judged on the parameter alone but other expressions should also be taken into account. A person can also be sweating when he is angry or nervous so it’s not a transparent lie indicator. 
Incongruence is also a lie indicator. In this case a lying person tends to nod his or head in opposite to what he or she is saying. This technique is very successfully and a person can’t beat it unless he or she already has the knowledge of this science because the nodding response is somewhat involuntary.
When a person tells a lie, he or she often jiggles with the stuff around and determines the state of restlessness. A lying person does so because of his fear of being caught and they don’t even know they are doing this most of the time.