How to tell if you love someone

These three magical words “I Love You” have the power to either give you wings to fly or clip your wings to make you fall hard, so think thousand times before saying these to someone. If you have crush on someone, don’t rush your feelings, instead take time to understand the feelings you have for that special one. If you really feel these enlisted things about that person then you are definitely in love with that person.  
1st and the last thing on your mind:  
If you really love that person, you will be thinking about that person when you wake up in the morning and you will be thinking of the same special person when you sleep at night. You will always want to share your all day activities with that person and when your mood turns off, you will want that person to hold you up.
Prioritize the fulfilment of his / her needs:
If you really think you love that person, and then will do anything to make that person smile, you will think of nothing more important than the needs of that person. In other words, you will easily sacrifice your own needs to fulfil his / her needs.
Willingness to do anything:
The love you have for that person will make you do anything for that person. When you will try to sum up the list of things you can’t do for that person, your list will be empty because you are even willing to sacrifice your life for the person you love. If this is the condition with you also then you are definitely in love with that person.
Expressing your love:
It isn’t the easy thing to do for the first time but when you do so, you will feel wonderful. You will want the whole world t know how much you love that person and how much that person means to you. You won’t be sacred of expressing your love in public and hanging out with that person will be the best thing you want to do. This is the clear indication of being in love with that person.
Imperfections don’t matter:
It’s a universal fact that nobody is perfect and everyone has some flaws. When you are in love with someone, you will love their perfections as well as imperfections; none of the imperfections of that person are bigger enough to make you mad at them. You like to tease the person about the imperfections but you love those eternally.
Future planning:
This is one of the most essential indications to know if you love that person or not. If you do, you will never think of your future with someone else, you will always think of of your future with that person and will make efforts which would allow you to stay together in future. If you can’t think of spending whole life with that person, then i am sorry you don’t love that person enough. You should think of standing back.