How to track a cell phone

Tracking a cell phone is no longer a challenging business and something that can be done by Feds only. Nowadays every GPS enabled cell phone tracking is as easy as eating a piece of cake. There are loads of apps, methods available by which you can easily track your cell phone. Here we present few most trusted methods of cell phone tracking.
1st Method:
IPhone users have inbuilt Find my iPhone feature which can be turned on to keep your iPhone visible under GPS radar and is always trackable. For turning on Find My IPhone feature, Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Find My iPhone > Turn ON the slider. Android Smartphone users can also install any third party tracking app like Find My Phone app or GPS Tracking Pro to start GPS tracking service on their Smartphone’s. IPhone users can also install 3rd party GPS tracking app like GPS tracker available in app store. Hidden GPS tracking can also be used in Android Smartphone’s while as to use them on iPhone’s, jail breaking is compulsory.
2nd Method:
If you don’t feel satisfied with GPS tracking services or you have constant reliability phobia for GPS service then you should consult your service provider for reliable tracking service. Different service providers have introduced many tracking service packs which charge you accordingly. These plans find their use in case you have kinds using Smartphone’s, you can protect your whole family. Most of the service providers like T Mobile, AT&T provide this service at 10$ per month while as sprint is offering this services at 5$ per month.
3rd Method:
There are many services / apps available which let users share locations with other people using same service. Each member or family or any formal group will need to sign up for that service and then they can easily share their locations and keep track of each other. The best apps offering this service are Find My friends, Cozi, Live360, etc.
4th Method:
The most extensively used and successful method of tracking IPhone’s and Android Smartphone’s is by using their own official tracking services which means find my iPhone app on iPhone and Android Device Manager app for Android Smartphone. Besides tracking service, these apps are able to remotely lock and erase your Smartphone to prevent data theft risk. So, it’s recommended to keep these features always turned on your Smartphone’s.