How to use your TV as a computer Monitor

Now you can easily replace your miniature computer monitor with your TV and widen up your computer experience.  Not only computer but you can also use your TV as a substitute display for your laptop.  Whether you want to enjoy a large screen HD display experience on your PC or laptop or whatsoever your need is, you can follow the methods steps below to successfully do so.
  1. Before going through the technical phase, keep your TV at a right place where you can easily enjoy your computer experience without resulting in the back strain or eye strain. Keep it at the exact same location where your computer monitor usually rests.
  2. Go for the display substitution only if you are aware that your TV has a good resolution. Otherwise low resolution TV might cause problems in text reading, etc however there’s no issue in using for entertainment purpose only.
  3. You must know that for playing heavy games on your TV, your computer system i.e. RAM, processor and graphics card need to be much powerful to handle a high resolution graphics produced by your HD television.
  4. Let’s move to the technical portion for connecting your TV with your computer. Take a look at the back of your computer’s CPU and you will see few output ports like HDMI, VGA, or DVI etc. Older PC’s might be without HDMI, VGA or DVI ports but newer versions always possess it. So, in case of your computer is older, you might need to buy a separate connector. While as newer computers are most likely to be housed with either one of these three ports.
  5. Take a look at the back of your TV and you should definitely find HDMI or any other type of ports. Latest TV’s are provided with HDMI ports only. Make sure what type of input port is present in your TV and what type of output is in your computers CPU.
  6. After your figure out the ports, get the connector cable from the market which is appropriate for your PC and TV. You might face problems which can be resolved by buying an additional converter cables which can convert HDMI to DVI and vice versa so that signal between your PC and TV is matched.
  7. After you buy all the necessary cables and components, plug them in your PC and TV, both these devices doesn’t need to be turned off. However you can restart your PC so that it starts using your TV once it wakes up.
  8. As you are almost done. In the end you might notice that audio isn’t working on your TV. It is because you are using HDMI with VDI and in that case you will need to plug in separate audio cable available in the market. Once plugged in, you can successfully enjoy your brand new computing experience.