The most efficient method to Set Path and Classpath in Java

Way Variable

Way variable is set for giving way to all Java instruments like java, javac, java, java, jug, applet viewer which are use in Java programming. These all devices are accessible in canister envelopes, so we set way up to receptacle organisers.

Classpath Variable

Classpath variable is set for giving way to predefined Java classes which are utilised as a part of our application. All classes are accessible in lib/rt.jar, so we set classpath up to lib/rt.jar.

JDK Folder Hierarchy

JDK envelope

Why set way?

The accompanying programming mistake is general for all Java software engineers when they gather any java program.

“javac” is not perceived as an interior or outside order, operable program or group document.

When you get this sort of blunder, then you’re working framework can’t discover the java compiler (javac). To explain this mistake, you have to set the PATH variable.

Java is an apparatus which is accessible in container envelope so you should adjust the PATH up to canister organiser. In a cartridge organiser all devices are available like java, javah, jug, javac, java, applet viewer and so on. These all devices are utilised for a various diverse reason.

receptacle organizer

set the way and classpath

Go on my PC symbol and right snap, after that catch on properties choice.

My PC properties

Presently tap on development setting

Advance settings

Click on development


Click on Advance variables

Environment variable

Click on the new catch which is beneath the principal box.

Environment variable

Presently one dialog box shows up, now overlook this yet don’t close.

Way and classpath

Presently open my PC open c:/> Programs Files > java > java1.6.0 > canister duplicate this way

Way and classpath

Presently return on past open dialog box and compose variable name “way” and for variable worth glue, all replicated way up to container envelope. Put .; toward the end. It (.) select every one of the apparatuses from container organiser.

Way and classpath

Presently open my PC open c:/> Programs Files > java > java1.6.0 > jre > lib > rt.jar duplicate this way


Note: rt.jar is accessible in lib envelope this container documents contains all classes of jdk.

Way and classpath

Presently again return on Environment variable dilogbox and snap on new. presently one box is open and compose way variable as “classpath” and for variable quality glue all duplicated way upto rt.jar. Put .; toward the end. It (.) select every one of the classes from lib organizer.

Way and classpathPath and classpath

Note: Finally after set classpath Restart your framework, or you can re-open charge brief.