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Donate Your Car For Kids
Donate Your Car For Kids

Donate Your Car for Kids:

It is now easy to donate your car for kids. In case you have a new or used car that you no longer need or want and you are wondering what to do with it, you should consider donating it to a charity. Children charities are a good choice, mostly because they are in the business of helping children. However, most of them lack the regular funding they need to keep their children’s programs running. Therefore, when you decide to donate your car for kids, you will be providing great assistance to the charity. Although help arrives in many forms (including volunteer programs and monetary donations), charities today are benefiting from cars donated for use by the charity or for sale with the proceeds going to the charity. Some benefits of donating cars to charities include:

a) Reduce Wastage

If you have an old vehicle sitting in your backyard that you have not used in a long time, chances are that it may have started rusting or getting overgrown with weeds. Cars need to be driven around to keep them from deteriorating. In case you are in such a situation, keep in mind that you can simply donate your car for kids. Apart from getting the vehicle out of the way from your backyard or driveway, when you donate your car for kids, you will reduce the chances that the car will remain idle. This ensures that you do not waste the potential of that car. 

b) Hassle- Free Process

When you decide to donate your car for kids, you may be encumbered by thoughts of the hassles this involves. Such hassles include:

- Placing ads and trying to sell the car 

- Dealing with everyone (if any) who responds to the ads

- Factoring in the costs of placing the ads

- Paying towing service providers to haul it off

- Storing it on your property, where it takes space, before you decide what to do with it

- Fixing the car to make it good enough before you can find interested buyers

All these hassles will cost you a great deal of time and money. When you think about it, you will realize that it may just be better to donate your car for kids. 

c) Tax Deduction Advantages

When you donate your car for kids, you will enjoy a number of tax benefits. One of these benefits is it can be deducted from your income tax return. Apart from helping those who dedicate their time and resources to help children, you will also get a unique opportunity to claim monetary deductions on your taxes. In some instances, the tax deduction you receive from such a donation may turn out to be more than if you had opted to try selling your car.

d) Opportunity to Do Something Worthwhile

Children’s charities are some of the numerous worthwhile organizations that are dedicated to helping others on a non- profit basis. When you take advantage of the opportunity to donate your car for kids, you will feel good because you have done something to help another soul. The feeling you get when you donate your car for kids is something that will last with you a lifetime. You can even read stories about children who have benefited from such car donations to help you decide. In the process, you will discover that it makes great humanitarian sense to donate your car for kids.

e) Variety of Charities

The other advantage that comes with choosing to donate your car for kids is that there are many charities that can benefit from that donation. Most of these charities deal with a wide variety of causes for children. Others are more specific, for instance those dealing with sick children in various hospitals around the country and the world. Some also dedicate their efforts to helping children in the 3rd world get a good education, food, clothing and shelter. Deciding to donate your car for kids to any of these charities will go a long way in helping the beneficed organization accomplish its goals. 

Whatever the case, the wide variety of charities means that you have a range of causes to choose from. Therefore, it is possible to donate your car for kids’ organizations of the most diverse nature. Depending on what moves your heart most and what you think serves children’s interests best, it is easy to find a charity to which you can endow your car.

Overall, you can be sure that the charity will use your car in the best way possible- either to serve the organization directly or by selling the car and using the proceeds to cater to the organization’s mission. Either way, rest assured that when you donate your car for kids, you will have made a world of difference to the children. 

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