17. Aggregation In Java

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Aggregation In Java

Aggregation is a type of HAS-A relationship. Aggregation represents a type of relationship between two objects in which one contain the other’s reference. Two objects can exist independently. If one is deleted other can still exist.

Aggregation in real world:

Let us take the example: A room has a chair. Here room object contain the chair object. Both room and chair exist independently.


 * This is used to show simple aggregation example.
 * @author javatutorialpoint
class Chair{
      public void show(){
            System.out.println("show chair details.");
public class RoomTest {
      public static void main(String args[]){
            //Chair class object in RoomTest class
            Chair obj = new Chair();


show chair details.
Note: Aggregation is mainly used for code re-usability.

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