About Windows 10 technical preview and Project Spartan

Everything about Windows 10 technical preview and Project Spartan:
Windows 10 technical preview:
Windows 10 technical preview is basically a beta version of Windows 10 OS on which Microsoft is currently working. This technical preview is out for windows Insiders only for the purpose of app building and feedbacks regarding bugs. It’s essential to first get your OS well cooked so that the users will feel the texture of its perfect craftiness and to cook it well Microsoft put this technical preview out. For the people who want to get this Windows 10 technical preview will have to join Windows Insiders Program from their official website but everyone cant join it, the person who want to get hands on it must should have some programming skills, as this beta version is prone to be bugged.
Installing this Windows 10 technical preview on your PC which you use every day is totally bad idea because Windows 10 technical preview is supposed to be present with multiple bugs and other vulnerable threats that can even erase everything you have on your PC. So, it’s obvious to think before going for its installation  and also you need to be aware of the fact that this Windows 10 technical preview  isn’t the complete featured windows 10 OS that you are getting, it’s just the part of it. With every new upgrade build, you will be provided access to new features of Windows 10. So, install Windows 10 technical preview only if you are associated with Windows Insider Program and capable of doing stuff with programming.
Project Spartan:
Project Spartan from Microsoft gained huge buzz because it’s definitely something cool arriving on Windows 10. What Spartan exactly is? Let me tell you that Spartan is actually a replacement of default web browser by Microsoft which used to be Internet Explorer. In the latest Windows 10 technical preview Microsoft has included the newly designed Spartan browser believed to be way better than Internet Explorer. Microsoft reported that this browser is being built to improve the website visiting quality and everyone will definitely love to use it. The most important thing about it i.e. Cortana has not been activated for usage and is yet restricted to US.  However once the things are set up, Cortana will provide users with a huge loads of features like weather assistance, flight and stocks info,  contextual suggestions and much more.
Our vision:   
We recommend people without tech skills not to jump start at it and land yourself in any kind of mess but just wait for its stable release. It’s because these technical previews can do no good to non tech origin people but just make them face a huge heap of bugs and crashes. The tech savvy guys can get in from the website and explore what’s being cooked by Microsoft.

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