Amazon desire to deliver its shipments via Drones

Amazon desire to deliver its shipments via Drones (Amazon Prime Air) :
Amazon’s desire of flying in the skies got revealed in US patent and Trademark office recently but actually Amazon had filled this patent in September 2014 and it thoroughly reveals how Amazon is planning to make shipment distribution via Drones.  It isn’t going to be a piece of cake for Amazon to do so, they can’t just design helicopter shaped drones with only sense of flying and dropping the shipment. Here goes the real story of Amazon behind making this drone system work.
The drones which Amazon will design will be talkative well not literally but they will be able to transfer data between each other. The data will not be a bunch of photos and music videos for entertainment but complete report of conditions of a particular location i.e. weather conditions, obstructions, traffic, etc. This will allow drones to stay updated with the places and ensure that their delivery location is safe and free of obstructions.
The buyer will have the choice to receive the shipment wherever he desires. You can simply bring your shipment to your office or at home depending upon the need. You will have the options to either get the shipment to wherever you are or your office or home. But as per Amazon the delivery locations should be facilitated with a secure ecosystem so that stealing shipments from the origin of delivery won’t be possible.
This delivery system is indeed the beginning of new era of technology but it’s full of limitations when acting realistic. The Drones used by Amazons futuristic delivery system will need to be refuelled in their way and this means that Amazon has to build refuelling centres if their own feasible for drones. This thing is hard to swallow because it’s not possible that whole world will be reliable with this mechanism and Amazon will be allowed to set up refuelling centres in every corner of every country. Amazons widespread distribution network is not practically possible to be under drone range. This concept is purely theoretical but the obstacles are too vastly dispersed which makes this system to stay as a theory instead of attaining practical form.
Most of the information present in the patent hasn’t been disclosed because it is prone to be used by any other delivery company as their method of distribution. No matter how unrealistic this project appears but this concept is worth studying and working upon in Drone research organisation.

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