Finally Microsoft Edge is the substitute for epic Internet Explorer

Finally Microsoft Edge is the substitute for epic Internet Explorer
It’s now officially declared that Edge is the replacement for Internet explorer which was being cooked so far under the code name of Project Spartan. What makes Edge so special that made Microsoft to wipe out Internet Explorer from the slate?  These are few such things which are mastered by Edge.
Edge unlike Internet explorer is very faster and lighter, its interface isn’t crowded, and it’s simplified.  Edge offers bunch of latest built in tools and features which include reading mode, cortana assistance, etc. Microsoft Edge has been developed to provide users with efficient and smooth reading experience and it will be made available in all the devices which will run Windows 10.
The origin of name “Edge” according to Microsoft official is derived from the fact that it means to be at the edge of modern technology. This browser will allow users to browser faster and take notes easily. It Cortana integration will make this browser aware with the things you care about a lot. A huge up gradations has been put forth in the field of web extensions which will enable users to write up and introduce the web code into an application easily.
Microsoft also made it clear that Edge will be only available on Windows 10 OS and the epic Internet Explorer will be kept still for a due course of time but its replacement is justified.  Microsoft will be make Windows 1o upgrade free to the windows users using previous OS’s, this will help them to gather up more audience to start the new era of Windows PC’s.

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