Flag Day

Flag Day

Flag Day is celebrated in United States on 14th June annually marking the remembrance and honour of flag of United States which was officially finalised on 14th June 1777.  The Flag of United States hasn’t always been the same instead it has changed different shapes over the period of centuries. It is also nicknamed as “Old Glory” or “Star Spangled banner”. Structurally, flag of United States is composed of 13 horizontal strips of red colour along with the blue rectangle on the top left corner housing white coloured stars which are 50 in number. Each star present in the blue rectangle is five pointed and each star represents a State of United States unanimously. 
While as 13 horizontal strips starting from top to bottom are reminders of 13 colonies which started as the first states in the Union.

The first annual observation of flag day was taken into account by Bernard Cigrand in June 1886, he proposed  the annual flag day to be observed when he published an article “ The Fourteenth of June” in the newspaper namely old Chicago Argus. Although President Woodrow called this day as a nationwide observation on 14th June 1916 but it was made official by President Harry Truman in 1966 and latter on Congress also requested to the Government to make the week falling on 14th June as the National Flag Week and the people of U.S are given the privilege to celebrate this Flag Day as the day of adoption as well as the anniversary of adoption which took place on 14 June 1777.

In the honour of national flag, each year president of United States orders the officials to flaunt U.S flag in all the Government buildings. However Flag Day isn’t considered as an official holiday in many States. The States of U.S in which Flag Day is considered as an official holiday comprise of Montour County, etc.  Alongside with the Government activities, people of United States also honour their flag by displaying it in their homes, offices, etc. Different quiz sessions as well as essay writing seminars are held in schools on this occasion, people offer musical tributes to the national flag. The best sight of Flag Day celebration in United States is the street parade held by different organisations. 

Alongside with the National Flag Day, it marks the commencement of 21 days long period of Honour America Day’s which is ended by the grand Independence Day. Through the whole course of these day,  the United States Nation proudly displays national flags, parades, public gatherings and perform different other activities to honour the nation. The National Flag day Foundation is the main organisation behind maintaining the cultural aspects of celebrating Flag Day. They are the main bonds behind the coordination of all the country loving activities in United Sates.

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