Good Friday

Good Friday

Good Friday is the special religious day celebrated by Christians all over the world marking the day Jesus was crucified. Good Friday also known by the names of Holy Friday, Great Friday, Easter Friday, Black Friday and followed by Easter Sunday.  Good Friday has a great significance all over the world especially in Western countries and is celebrated as a public holiday.

The name “Good Friday” gets its “Good” part from the fact that “Good” indicates Pious, holy where as some sources claim that “Good Friday” is a common misnomer for “God Friday”. However Oxford English dictionary agrees with the former fact that Good denotes pious, holy here. This fact is supported by many examples like Good Tide meaning Christmas, Good Wednesday meaning Wednesday in the Easter week.

6 year calendar of Good Friday:  

Year 2015: 3rd April
Year 2016: 25th March
Year 2017: 14th April
Year 2018: 30th March
Year 2019: 19th April
Year 2020: 10th April

What’s so good about Good Friday?

It’s the most common question among Christians and often question that why this Friday isn’t called Sorrow Friday / Bad Friday or somewhat like that because it’s the day of agony on which Jesus suffered pain while crucifixion. Good Friday is remembered as the day Jesus died for the sins of people. That’s why Christians from other parts of the world like Germany call this Friday as “Karfreitag” which means “sorrowful Friday”. 

Some people might consider the use of word Good as a corruption of God but it’s also being said that Good is an appropriate word because Jesus died for the sins of people and saved people as per God’s plan. Good Friday was mandatory to take place in order to bring the joy of Easter Sunday and this could also be taken as an another aspect of being good.

Celebrating Good Friday:

On the occasion of Good Friday, a Christian must visit local church and pray to God.
You should attend the passion plays held by different Christian communities like catholic, etc.
Fasting is also a very noble deed to be performed on Good Friday. You should refrain from eating or drinking anything at all. However physically weak people and kids can eat lightly in-between. 
3:00PM is the exact time when Jesus died and you should get up and start praying this time. If you’re doing any other activity, leave it still and pray.

Besides these activities, one must stay focused and reflect the thoughts of Jesus all day and majorly about the importance of Good Friday.

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