Google I/O 2015: Highlights

Google I/O 2015: Highlights
The tech enthusiasm is about to attain its peak rate because Google I/O 2015 is beginning at the end of this month. Google has mounted put a big bag of surprises for its sphere of interest and some chief projects are going to see daylight in this event. Besides kicking off some fresh stash, Google has some ideas to implement the initiatives which they already starting this year. So, let’s take a glimpse of what Google is planning to show off at Google I/O 2015.
  1. Android M: Google is aware of the fact that eating single recipe for longer time causes boredom as well as health issues whether it is Ginger bread, Kit Kat or Lollipop. So, Google’s Android M is probably seeing daylight in this giant event. The nomenclature of word “M” is ambiguous yet however we are pretty sure that it might be Muffins or some other eatables. The name guessing season for Android M has already started to make rounds. Android M is a serious piece of work from Android which is bringing the indispensible use of Android for different workplaces and this is the main motive of releasing Android M.
  2. Android for Work: This project is no new to us because Google already initiated this project under which Google aims to grab the attention of corporations for using Android OS. Google feels that Android is highly advanced in all sectors except its use in corporations and this project is thus here to make Android better in this sector also. Expectedly a newer update will be announced for this program at Google I/O 2015. So far Android hasn’t been able to provide such security and reliability which is needed by corporations so Android M coupled with Android for work might be the perfect ecosystem from Google to attract corporations.
  3. Skybox: The people who don’t know what basically Skybox is need to know that it is a satellite imaging firm which was bought by Google in 2014 for 500 million USD. So, Google has decided to up their 500 million USD on some work and start progressing towards satellite imaging technology. The Google’s aims and objectives regarding the progress in this field might find its place in Google I/O 2015.
  4. Voice Command service: Google is looking forward towards announcement of Voice Access which will allow access to any specific gadget via voice. This feature might find its use in driving apps and much other apps but due to need of reminding loads of voice commands, Google needs to make its voice command system more understandable and this feature might be getting kicked off at Google I/O 2015.
  5. Polymer 1.0 and wearable’s: Google’s initiative at making designing of websites to give the feel of applications might see an upgrade at I/0 2015. Also it is being alleged that Google is cooking up some new wearable of unknown identity which is also expected to be launched at this event.

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