Halo Spartan strike made available on all major platforms

Halo - Spartan strike made available on all major platforms
In the vision of Microsoft’s current CEO Satya Nadela, Microsoft is currently following the idea of making their apps and services available on every platform and let the world know about how creative the Microsoft team is rather than caging their own creativity within the fences of windows OS which shares the limited audience as compared to Android IOS platforms. Microsoft believes that this move will automatically grab attention of the audience worldwide towards what they are doing and what they are capable of doing.

In the light of this notion Microsoft Studios have just released Halo Spartan Strike game on the major platforms including iPad, iPhone, windows 8 but it’s ironic that this game isn’t yet being made available to Android OS.
Halo - Spartan strike:
Halo- Spartan Strike is the latest installment of the Halo series of Microsoft with the predecessors being Halo - Spartan Assault, Halo 2, etc. In this amazing shooting game you are a super soldier exploring different forests, cities and shooting on different obstacle. You can either play by walking on by a vehicle as per availability in the game. The game has been provided with well cooked graphics for comfortable playing experience on mobile phones too. The sound tracks for this game are composed by the well know composer Tom Salta.

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