Hisense ultra affordable chromebook at just $149

Hisense-ChromebookHisense ultra affordable chromebook at just $149
Hisense Chromebook is very inexpensive and cheapest than any other alternatives for expensive laptops. You can switch to this chromebook and use it anywhere, anyplace without worrying of its accidental damage because $149 is too less to worry about. You can use it while cooking, watching TV or doing any other activity even if your room is being roamed by your kids. Let’s explore what Hisense chromebook has to offer us at this extraordinarily low pricing.

Display Quality: Hisense Chromebook sports an 11.6 inch LED backlit HD display providing resolution of 1366*768 pixels. The pixel density is decently dispersed across the whole display providing good visuals. But the display quality seems good for the single person use and the crowd can’t watch it clearly across different angles. 
Hardware configuration: This ultra affordable chromebook is factory installed with Chrome OS operating on a Rockchip chipset coupled with 2GB RAM. This processor has enough power to entertain you by watching videos and movies or surfing the web. You can store your favourite stuff in its 16GB onboard storage. It houses a 0.3MP front shooter which can let you make video calls on different social networks. However it should be clear to you that $149 chromebook can’t run heavy games for you or do any other heavy task. It’s meant for lighter usage purposes and has got the capability to provide services like a Smartphone or more preferably we can say a tablet. If you are expecting it to dominate the features of iPad or Mac books, then you are at the wrong place. This gadget can’t be of much use in professional work and doesn’t support a huge web of applications.
Battery Endurance: This gadget comes with a removable battery which is capable of providing 8 hours on the hood. This means that Hisense chromebook can make your day full of entertainment and social networking without running for power plug all the time. Since the battery is replaceable, go grab a jar full of batteries and take it with you on long distant trips without worrying about electricity supply.
Usability of Hisense $149 chromebook:
It’s quite clear that this $149 Hisense chromebook can’t be your primary gadget because a primary gadget should have the capability to run every rough corner present on internet and help in professional work too. But Hisense chromebook is perfect to be selected as an alternate gadget which can fulfil all your needs of social networking and entertainment and you can save the juice of your primary gadget for more serious things. Hisense chromebook can also find it’s usability for handing it over to children who are prone to demolish the high end gadgets, they can enjoy this featured inexpensive chromebook and you won’t have to worry much about it.  

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