How to block your cell phone number

How to block your cell phone number?

Want to surprise your friends or wishing to make anonymous calls to masses without leaking out your number? You can impeccably block your cell phone number and make your caller ID invisible. You can do it just by adding a fixed prefix to the number you are willing to call or by turning off your caller ID from your Smartphone or by doing as directed by the service provider. Although most of the Smartphone’s like iPhone’s offer the ability to perform this function but at some places this feature has been dwarfed due to national security issues.
1st Method: Adding prefix to a number:
This method involves adding a special prefix before a number which differs from country to country or service provider to service provider. Although this feature doesn’t work in all country’s but it works in majority of literally free countries. We have summed up here a list of prefixes for different regions, you can start hunting pursuit for yours and maybe you get lucky.
  • North America : *67 / #31#
  • Germany: *31# / #31#
  • Japan: 184
  • Hong Kong: 133
  • UK and Ireland: 141
  • Australia: 1831 / #31#
  • New Zealand: 0197 / *67 (Vodafone)
  • Albania: #31#
  • Denmark: #31#
  • Greece: #31#
  • Israel: #31#
  • Italy: #31#
  • Netherlands: #31#
  • Sweden: #31#
  • India: *31#
  • Argentina: *31*
  • Iceland: *31*
  • South Africa: *31*
  • Switzerland: *31*
  • Others: *67 / #31#
2nd Method: Get in touch with your service provider:
If the prefix feature isn’t working or you want to block your cell phone number permanently, you will need to contact your service provider and get your caller Id blocked but the charges may be applicable for activating this feature. Users in India can use prefixing but only after they get their caller ID blocked from the respective service provider. Once your caller ID is permanently blocked, you might sometimes want to make an unblocked phone call, for that instance, you can easily use a special prefix to do some. The prefixes for major countries are:
  • Australia: 1832
  • Ireland: 142
  • UK: 1470
  • North America: *82
  • Hong Kong: 1357
  • Japan:186
  • New Zealand: 0196 / *82 (Vodafone)
  • Others: *31#
3rd Method: Smartphone caller ID blocking setup:
Majority of Smartphone’s including Androids and iPhone’s allow users to block their caller ID. In case you are unable to do so, it is because your carrier doesn’t allow it. It might be due to security reasons or whatsoever. For blocking your cell phone number on:
IPhone: Settings > Phone > Show My caller ID > Toggle off the slider
Android: Settings > Additional settings > Caller ID > Hide number. (Android v4.0 and below)
: Phone > Menu > Call Settings > Caller ID > Hide number. (Android v4.1 and above)
Windows 8: Phone > More ... > Settings > Show My caller ID > No one
Blackberry: Menu > General> Restrict My identity field > Always

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