How to take Screenshot on Windows 7 PC

How to take Screenshot on Windows 7 PC?
You just like one of your captured pictures and would like to make it your desktop wallpaper, share it with your friends via email or embed it in an important document or would like to use it for any other purpose. One can achieve this by taking a screenshot. If you are wondering about the fact on “How to take screenshot” then this article will answer all your queries. If you are aware about the details on “How to take screenshot” with windows XP then it is not going to be a tough take for you to learn about the fact on “How to take screenshot” on Windows 7. It is comparatively easy to take screenshot on Windows 7 as it has an in-built snipping tool and as well the print screen key function.
Here is a simple guide that will answer your question on “How to take screenshot” and as well help you save it as a picture.
The first step to be followed before you begin to learn on “How to take Screenshot” you must ensure that Scroll Lock, Num Lock and Insert Lock are switched off. The next step is to open a webpage or a program from where you would like to take the screenshot. For instance, let us say open Google Chrome and search for wallpaper. The moment the wallpaper opens in the window, you must press the Print Scr button on your keyboard. At this stage, the captured image on your screen is copied by the Print Scr button on your keyboard and now the next part that needs to be done is copy the image to a word document or to Microsoft paint. If you do not copy the copied picture to any file then it will automatically be copied to the clipboard of MS office.
If you would like to capture only the active window on your screen in that case you need to first click and hold the Alt key on your keyboard and after that press the Print Scr key on your keyboard otherwise the entire screen will be captured in case you forget to press and hold the ALT key. So when you are done with copying the image from the active window it is now time to paste the file on a word document or a MS paint file. The same process as mentioned below will be applied in case you would like to paste it to any other files such as MS Excel, MS Word and so on.
If you would like to copy the captured screenshot to a MS paint file then first click on the Start button and then look for All Programs-Accessories-Paint program. When you click on the paint program you will see that there pops up a new paint file on your screen. Just right click on the screen and click on Paste. After you are done with pasting the picture on the paint file, you can now go to the Home tab and alter the size of the picture or rotate it as desired.
Hope this tutorial of ours on “How to take Screenshot” has helped you answer your question. Stay tuned and watch out this space for more “How to “tutorials related to Windows.

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