Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3:
Today Microsoft headlined our tech news with the unveiling of their latest Microsoft Surface 3 tablet which took place yesterday on 31st April 2015. Microsoft Surface 3 is the budget oriented low priced tablet with the launch price of just $499. As, already said it’s a low priced one so mm. compromises have to be made in the features and processing speed. However you will be delighted to know that Microsoft Surface 3 is claimed by Microsoft to be the most light weight as well as thinnest tablet ever. It only weighs 622 grams and possesses thickness of 8.7mm.
Discover Microsoft Surface 3:
Display Configuration: Microsoft Surface 3 flaunts a 10.8inch full HD display with resolution of 1080*1920pixels. It’s the compactly designed tablet from Microsoft as compared to the tablet released by them in past however the quality of this display is superb.
Performance: Microsoft Surface 3 is installed with Windows 8.1 OS operating on processor clocked at 1.6GHz and accompanied by 2GB RAM / 4GB as per storage variants. The processing and RAM compilation is quite well designed in both the cases and will operate well however if you want to go for higher variant the things will be much better as expected. It’s also good to hear that Microsoft Surface 3 will be upgradable to Windows 10 OS as soon as upgrade arrives officially.
Storage: Microsoft Surface 3 has been provided with 2 storage variants which are 64GB and 128GB; the 64GB is equipped with 2GB RAM and 128GB with 4GB. So, it depends upon the work load of a user to choose the either one. For home basis, the 2GB version will also play good in all aspects.
Camera: A 3.5Mp camera is provided at the front for video calling purposes and it’s pretty cool. We can’t expect a high pixilated camera in this price range that too for a high configuration tablet.
Technical Build: Microsoft Surface 3 houses a USB 3.0 port, microSD card reader, a mini display port, you can grab a USB dock as an additional accessory with four USB ports, Ethernet jack and mini display port. All these available ports will allow user to enjoy fully fledged laptop experience with this compact tablet allowing connecting compatibility with every single accessory. It is also compatible with Surface Pen for accurate usability.
Additional features: Microsoft Surface 3 has been made available with all new Surface 3 cover, free subscription to office 365 for a year with fully unlocked word, excel, Power point and one note. The user will also be getting 1TB free cloud storage via one drive. The deal looks very beneficial as far as these advantages are concerned.

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