24. C-Interview Questions

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  1.     Who created ‘C’ language or C programming Language?
A:   Dennis M. Ritchie.
  1. What is an algorithms?
A:   Step by step solution of a problem or in other words set of direction that defines a solution.
  1. What is difference between  testing and debugging .
A:   Detecting and correcting errors is called debugging. And process which makes sure that program is working correctly by giving some inputs is known as testing .
  1. What is compiler ?
A:   A program which translates a high level language into machine language.
  1. What is syntax error ?
A:   An error that can be pointed out by the compiler itself.
  1. What is flowchart?
A:   A graphical representation of a program’s solution .
  1. After execution what will be the extension of a file?
A:   .exe
  1. Is natural 1 a integer number ?
A:  Yes.
  1. What is default data type of main( ).
A:   int.
  1. Is ‘void’ a datatype ?
A:   Yes
  1. Where “short int “ is used for variables?
A: "short int" is used where a variable which requires less storage than normal integer value.
  1. What would be the value of sum program?
int sum;
float n1, n2;
A:   285 (no decimal)
  1. Which function is more suitable for reading in  multiword string ??
A: gets( )
  1. If ans=7, and result=++ans, then what will be value of ans and result ?
A: ans=7 result=8
  1. Isgetchar( ) a library function ?
A:  Yes.
  1. Is this compulsory to assign value to static variable ?
A:  Yes.
  1. What will be result of two variables containing a integer and real(float) variables.?
A:   real.
  1. What is token ?
A:   The smallest individual unit of program.
  1. Which statement of program is executed first.
A:   main( ).
  1. What does exit( ) function do ?
A:   This function causes an exit from the function.
  1. What is array ?
A:   A collection of similar data type.
  1. What is difference between character and string?
A:   Character can be single letter, digit or symbol enclosed in single quotes [‘ ‘] while string is sequence or collection of characters and enclosed in double quotes  [“ “].
  1. What is difference between ++num and num++ statement ?
A:   “++num” is before the variable is incremented by 1 before it is used in expression while “num++” statement is expression evaluated first then variable is incremented.
  1. ‘struct’ is keyword in ‘c’ ?
A:   Yes
  1. “%i” is format specifier. Tell the datatype for which it is used ?
A:    for integer
  1. Can variable be both constant and volite?
A:   Yes
  1. atoi( ) is macro or function ?
A:  macro.
  1. What is ASCII value for ‘A’ and ‘a’.
A:   A=65 and a=97
  1. What is command argument in C Programming?
A:   Argument which are passed in main( ) are called  command argument.
  1. What is the easiest way to pass array as argument to function?
A:   call by reference

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