How to Make a Gmail Account Steps?

Step 1: Open your Web browser and type the address and press "enter".

Step 2 : You would then see a screen below. Click on "Create account".

Step 3: Type in your details shown in form. Try a username that is available. Enter the verification code shown in the image. Read the Terms of service and privacy policy in the form. If you agree to the terms and privacy policy, tick the option. Finally click on "Next Step".

Step 4: A verification of number screen would be shown. Select the option to receive the phone verification code. Then click on "Continue"

Step 5: Type in the verification code received on your mobile via sms or voice call, in the box and click on "continue". In case you haven't received the code in 15 minutes click on "try again" and then type the code received.

Step 6: Copy and Save your new id / email address for future use and then click on "Continue to Gmail".

Step 7: Take the Tour by reading and clicking "Next" and Finally "Finish".  Your Account is now ready to send and receive emails.

Congratulations! on learning How to Make a Gmail Account. You can also create your own blog on via your account and start earning.