Signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are actually varicose veins, although in the anus. These are pieces that can be felt in the hands while trying to reach out and touch the anus. The occurrence of hemorrhoids is caused by a high pressure applied to the rectal veins. With extreme pressure, the veins may swell and expand, so that the presence of hemorrhoids will be felt.
Furthermore, it is also important to note that hemorrhoids can be located inside - in the lining of the rectum - or outside - under the skin around the anus. Internal hemorrhoids are those we cannot feel, unlike external hemorrhoids described as lumps or piles. Stack is a common term that we use as hemorrhoidsare the medical term.
Signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids
Symptoms of hemorrhoids vary depending on their type. As there are two main types of hemorrhoids, internal and external, the symptoms can be classified into two parts. The most common symptoms experienced by patients with this disease are pain during bowel movements, excessive itching and pain in the anus. You would be able to easily recognize the symptoms of external hemorrhoids because it can cause blood to pool under the skin, so the formation of a small but hard lump that often brings pain person. If you have developed external hemorrhoids, it can also be difficult to have a bowel movement, and you May experience bleeding. You can check that you have bleeding symptoms by checking the toilet paper and toilet were traces of blood on it.
For those who have internal hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding is considered the most common symptom. You can have a chair without discomfort, but may have traces of blood on the toilet paper and the toilet. You can see traces of blood in the stool, even if you have completed your place without any difficulty. Forms itching and other skin irritations can also be experienced by people who suffer from hemorrhoids. These symptoms of hemorrhoids are also common, as is the lump inside and outside the anus.
Internal hemorrhoids are often released mucus that could affect the anal skin and cause excessive itching. Mucus is also greatly infected the skin and cause irritation. Discomfort during evacuation is also common in people who have developed hemorrhoids because of swelling in the colon. Since hemorrhoids form lumps in the year, production of chairs in the large intestine will be partially blocked. This will cause discomfort during the evacuation and cannot be mitigated softer chairs. Of course, this unrest also comes with pain. Pieces of hemorrhoids tend to swell and it really hit could bring pain person.
To relieve these symptoms of hemorrhoids, you can make a few home remedies. The first thing to do is to make them softer stools have a more fibrous diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables help make stools softer because of the fiber. You can buy the products for sale to faster processing. Getting stool softeners and fiber supplements, it can be resolved quickly hemorrhoids. Your lifestyle may affect your situation. Despite the bad habits will not lead directly to the development of hemorrhoids, which could worsen the symptoms greatly. Excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco may aggravate the symptoms of hemorrhoids and make every effort to make them softer stool makes sense. After not solve the habit, it will only cause pain, bleeding and itching worse. If you still do, hemorrhoid can become too heavy that it will have to undergo surgery.

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