Conspicuous signs of depression

Conspicuous signs of depression

What is depression?

Before you start diagnosing yourself as a patient of depression, let’s make it clear to you that normal ups and downs are always associated as a part and parcel of life, there are times you feel sad in distress while as there are times when you are cheerful and joyful. These situations arise due to the struggle of unpredictable life and it happens to every person. Some people feel sadder in any moment of life and tag themselves patients of depression. But the actual fact is that depression makes you live in distress, despair and emptiness for all your life unless you take steps to curb it. A person suffering from depression is unable to enjoy life. 

The feelings of depression vary from person to person, instead of feeling empty or dad, some people feel restless, angry and aggressive in nature. A depressed person is unable to work properly because he is being eaten up by the various depressed feelings, latter on depressed person can’t get sleep. Appetite is gone, helplessness and hopelessness surrounds the life of a depressed person. Some of the conspicuous signs that can confirm a person is suffering from depression are given below:

Signs of Depression:

Helpless and hopeless nature: A depressed persons feelings are like a person sitting in a dark room with no hope of light beam entering the room. Thoughts in the mind of a depressed person are always negative thinking like things will never get better, I can’t do anything to make my situation better. 

Lack of Interest: Being a patient of depression, you will have o urge to hang out with your friends, join sports and other social events.  You feel like there’s no activity left on this planet which can make you feel happy and joyful again. Even ex feels like a labours work to you without any pleasure.

Loss of Appetite cycle: A depressed person’s appetite changes continuously, sometimes he’s very hungry and sometimes he loses his appetite. A depressed person suffers from a serious weight change which can go even up or down tremendously.

Irritable nature: This is the main sign of depression. If you are suffering from depression, you feel angry, irritating and restless. You can’t even tolerate a single high pitched word from other person; you are always nervous and short tempered and can go violent on small things also. 

Energy Draining: The energy of a depressed person is totally washed away, you feel like a heavy meat sack that can hardly move from one place to another. You feel exhausted quickly even by doing minor physical activities.

Unpredictable multiple pains: In case of depression, a person often feels pain in head, stomach, back and muscles.

Lack of concentration and dementia: Suffering from depression can make you easily forget things, you won’t be able to focus on any particular thing and total concentrating power is vanished in you.

Feeling worthless: You might also feel like you are responsible for whatever is happening to you. You put all the guilt on your own shoulders and criticise yourself for every step you took in life.

Wild desires: A patient suffering from depression often tries to get engaged in some dangerous gambling stuff, irresponsible driving, and other sports where you can lose your life.

Special Case: Smartphone Addition is a sign of depression: A recent study Led by David Mohr has led to the fact that Smartphone addiction could be the sign of depression. As per the statistics, people who are suffering from depression tend to use their Smartphone’s for much longer time than people who aren’t. Depressed people keep stay engaged in chatting with a particular person on their Smartphone’s even in social events which feels totally awkward and frustrating.  

However Mohr has also revealed that fact that staying engaged with Smartphone’s can help mental patients with their conditions. While they are concentrating on their cell phone, the negative thoughts arising with mental problems like depression stays far away from them. The people who always stay at their homes were also diagnosed with the problem of depression causing lack of motivation.

Depression in Men and Women:

Depression in men isn’t always associated with the feelings of sadness or guilt or self- loathing. In case of men, common signs of depression include restlessness, irritability, anger, violent behaviour, lack of tolerance, fatigue, insomnia, etc. However women are two times more prone to fall in depressed state as compared to men but depressed men have more suicidal tendency as compared to women. 

The common signs of depression in women are feeling guilt, sleeping for prolonged time, eating more than enough etc. That fact that women are 2x more prone to have depression is because of women’s hormonal factors. PMS (Pre menstrual syndrome) and PMDD (Pre menstrual dysphoric disorder) being the main cause of depression in women.

Whether it’s in case of men, women, teenager or an elder person, the driving forces behind depression are:  

  1. Being lonely
  2. Socially cut off
  3. Journey of life full of hardships
  4. Problems associated with marriage
  5. Excess drug / alcohol consumption
  6. Money related problems
  7. Family problems
  8. Unfit health
  9. No workspace

Although these things feel like a lifelong burden but nothing remains the same if you take one step towards the change.  You can easily start recovering from this state of depression by seeking social assistance. You need to change your lifestyle full of boredom and convert it into a productive one. 

You don’t need to get hurt by people’s variable attitudes, learn to build your own range of emotions. Starting few healthy things in life like joining a gym, building a good friendship, a relationship and any other productive thing can help dragging you out of depressed state. In case you don’t feel the process of recover affecting you, then you should visit a specialist who will make you change yourself and dose you with the specific medicines which will help blooming the environment around you and filling the dark room with colourful lights. 

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