Health benefits of garlic

Medically proven health benefits of garlic

Ever since the times when medicinal technology wasn’t advanced, garlic was initially used to treat a variety of health problems. You might be amazed to know but it’s a fact that father of western medicine, Hippocrates himself used to prescribe garlic as a chief medicine to his patients. The medicinal values of garlic hasn’t changed since then and it is still the best eatable to have such health favouring properties however it’s true that due to increase in technology, the medicinal properties of garlic got cloned in artificially manufactured drugs which are much more effective in nature. But there’s still a good count of reasons you should be using organic garlic with your food instead of artificially manufactured medicines and among them the chief reason is that naturally grown garlic have very lesser side effects which could be almost zero in majority of the people while as on the other hand there are always some elevated side effects associated with artificial medicines. Besides that naturally grown garlic contains many other health benefiting agents other than possessing the chief element of value for which it is known.

Here are the most vital health benefits garlic presents you with.

Belonging to the onion family (Allium), garlic is a closely associated relative of onions; we might even say they are phylogenetic cousins. Garlic tastes great when spiced up with food and provides good smell. When we slice, chop, grind or chew garlic, it releases a sulphur compound which goes by the name of allicin, besides being responsible for the smell of garlic, it has essential medicinal values. It acts as a strong anti viral and anti bacterial agent, allicin is well known for increasing the WBC count in your body for immune system boosting, one of the most essential property of allicin is that it keeps your blood thinner and avoids blood clotting and thus minimises the risk of heart strokes and keeps blood pressure in control.
Garlic is a nutritive eatable rich in manganese Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Selenium and fiber and also contains adequate amount of copper, calcium, potassium, iron, Vitamin B1 and phosphorus. 1 once of garlic provides you with 42 calories, 9 gram carbohydrates and 1.8 grams protein. Thus, garlic is composed of little bit of every important nutrient. So, taking garlic will lessen the chances of facing deficiency of any particular nutrient. It has also been studied that taking garlic reduces the LDL cholesterol levels in your body however the HDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels were seen to remain unaffected.  

The free radicals formed in our body are alarmingly dangerous and contribute in the ageing process. These free radicals if left unneutralised have the capability to cause oxidative damage to our cells. But with the intake of moderate amount of garlic, it has been seen that antioxidant levels in body tremendously increase which neutralise free radicals before they can do any damage to our cells. The combined effects of these health benefits of garlic have been known to reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

Death is indeed inevitable and it’s totally crap to say that components present in garlic will increase your life span for sure but it’s also evident that all this defence provided by garlic against the most common causes of death these days like heart strokes will definitely be able to make you able to through a long and healthy life.  You might even live a bit longer because of infection fighting properties of garlic.

Athletes can also use garlic in order to increase workout performance and reduce fatigue levels. It’s tremendously beneficial for athletes with heart problems and can make them to increase the working capacity by lowering the peak heart rate. In case of bone strength, scientifically garlic has been shown to strengthen the bones of rodents by increase in the estrogen levels in females. It’s believed that garlic can provide the same effects in case of human beings also. On dosing the females with menopause condition, it was noticed that garlic tremendously coped up with the estrogen deficiency.
The list doesn’t end here. You can also take garlic to neutralise that toxic metal traces present in your body. These toxic metals can permanently damage a particular organ if left unchecked. You can eat garlic everyday and keep metal toxicities in control. 

As per studies, garlic has been noticed to reduce the Lead levels in a human body to a great extent. So, garlic is the best food for people who work in companies like battery manufacturing plants who remain exposed to heavy metals all the time.

Keeping medicinal properties aside, garlic is a great eatable to be introduced in your daily meals. It will boost up your health as well as the taste and aroma of your food. You can take garlic in organic form, powered form or as garlic oil available in market. It’s advised to take one or two cloves of garlic with your meals twice or even thrice a day. 

But Beware! In case you are already using medicines which effect on your blow flow then you must consult your doctor before taking garlic. Apparently many people are found to be allergic to this wonder food, if that is the case, and then you are not recommended to use garlic in your daily meals. Beside these two side effects, you should also take bad breathing into account and use garlic in the middle of meals because it leaves your mouth with the bad breath, however you can always use some organic or artificial mouth freshening agent to avoid this thing.

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