Health benefits of star fruits

Health benefits of star fruits

Star fruit is a tropical fruit which is also known as carambola. It looks like a star shaped that have sweet and sour flavor. This fruit is very popular in US. Due to its high nutritional value this fruit is widely used in the kitchen for making juice or shake. You can eat it raw also but you have to consume within 3-4 days otherwise all the nutritional value dips. This is small in shape but having numbers of health benefits. You can say that due to health benefits start fruits are gaining popularity. It contains very low calorie. The 100g of star fruits provides only 31 calories which is much lower than the any other tropical fruit. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients which is very essential for the well being.

The other benefits of start fruit is that it contains good amount of dietary fiber which helps your body in digestion. The fibers of the star fruits help you to protect the mucous membrane of the colon from exposure to toxic substance. It binds all the cancer causing substance in the colon. The star fruit is rich in vitamin C that has powerful natural antioxidant. By consuming the star fruit, their vitamins protect your body from the free radicals and the harmful agents. The fruit also contains small amount of electrolytes and minerals like zinc, phosphorous, iron, potassium. These minerals and vitamins of the fruit keep your body fit and healthy in all manners. 

It keeps the blood pressure and heart rate controlled. The vitamins of the star fruits keep your metabolism strong and steady. Star fruit is good for your health so you can take it without any problem. But people who are suffering from renal problem they should avoid this fruit because it has high amount of oxalic acids.

Star fruit is very beneficial for all your health in all aspects. Many people are taking as a medicine because it really works in coughs, fever, sore throat and ulcers etc. You can use it as a home remedy for sunburns and hangovers. For diabetic people also this start fruit is good because the sour flavor of the fruit keep your blood sugar control all the time. The consumption of the fruits improves the digestion. The antimicrobial agents of the fruit fight with the microbial bacillus cereus, salmonella typhus, eczema, and e coli etc. The fruit also purifies the blood through which your skin starts glowing.

If you are facing the hair loss or hair fall problem then you should start consuming star fruit that has great nutrients and vitamins that helps in the hair growth and keep it healthy and strong. Once you start consuming the star fruit then you will notice the drastic change in your body. It improves your body condition without any side effects.  This fruit is good for people of all ages because it has antimicrobial effects that keep you fit and healthy throughout the day.

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