What you should Know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

What you should Know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

The resolve at Samsung is still strong despite the scenario that played out with the Note 7 this past year. Despite all the challenges, Samsung remains resolute and would roll out a new flagship smartphone this year – the Samsung Galaxy S8.
The mention of “Samsung” might elicit a shudder or some chills down the spine. Fortunately, there isn’t too much to be worried about. Samsung has assured customers that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is definitely not going to catch fire.
This might sound like a broken record since Samsung said the same after it reviewed the exploding Note 7 Phones. Regardless, the awesome specs in the Samsung Galaxy S8 should be enough to encourage you to brave all the risk and try your hand on this new device.
It offers a broad array of new capabilities and mind blowing specifications. Tag along to get an inside peek into the specs of this wonderful device. I can assure you that when you are done with this post, you would know all there is to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8.

When is the Release Date for the Samsung Galaxy S8?

This is easily the most important question, the more reason why I would be answering it first. Fortunately, it seems that the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 just happens to be around the corner.
Samsung fans who happen to be in the US can get their hands on this phenomenal device by April 21. For other people in the rest of the world (especially UK), the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be available on April 28.

This date doesn’t necessarily put into consideration far-flung countries like Australia. But regardless, fans all over the world would be swiping away at the Galaxy S8 by the month of May. 

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