How to make Masala Macroni

Masala Macroni with Maggi Masala

Ingredients Needed:

Safal Matar,
Black vinegar,
Maggi masala,
Safal Matar (peas)
Macroni packet
Onion ( 100g) (Cut to Streaks)
Green Chili (2) (Cut small)
White Salt As per taste
Green Chili Powder As per Taste
Refined Oil

How to Make:

1. Boil water in a tea pan.
2. Pour Macroni, Peas into the hot water and 1 Tea Spoon Refined
3. Put 1 Tea Spoon white Salt.
4. Wait for 10 Minutes to Boil.

5. Take out water from Macroni and put it in a plate.

6. Take another pan on the stove.

Steps to Make Macroni

7. Put 2 Table Spoon Refined oil into the pan and Onion (streaks) and wait for the onion color to change brown and pour green chili (cut) in to the pan. Then,,
8. Put Macroni+peas into the pan.
9. Put Maggi Masala and Black vinegar into the pan.
10. White salt and Red Chili powder as per your taste.
11. Stir for 3 minutes.

Macroni is ready to be served.

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