FIFA world cup 2018

FIFA world cup 2018
This time most awaited FIFA is once again ready to get started. The quadrennial tournament will be held in Russia. It is planned between 14 June to 15 July 2018. Match is contested among men's national teams. It's the most thrilling and exciting one of its kind type of tournament. Let's watch out more about FIFA world cup 2018 :
1. Venue
2. Time span
3. Number of teams
4. Mascot
5. 2018 FiFA qualification
6. Sponsorship
7. What after FIFA world cup 2018.?
8. Controversial aspect
a) Venue : Since the time when Russia was awarded the hosting rights in 2010.(December). This will be first world cup to be held in eastern Europe. Most of the venue stadiums are in European Russia towards west of Ural mountains. Some of the proposed venues are Kazan, Krasnodar, saint Petersburg, Sochi, Saransk, Yekaterinburg , Samara, Nizhny Novgorod , Moscow. All cities are at close proximity. This is to make travel easier and compatible.
b) Time span : The match will wind up within the 32 days. Commencing on 14 June it is scheduled to end on 15 July 2018.
c) Number of teams : Every time many teams from different participating in this tournament . Final tournament will be held between 32 national teams. Total 64 matches will be played. Final is scheduled in Moscow on 15th July.
d) Mascot : The official mascot for FIFA world cup 2018 is a wolf named ‘Zabivaka’. Its been a very long process behind finding out this mascot. Previously as per sources there were three finalist for the mascot position. Wolf received 53% of votes , 27% tiger and cat 20%.
e) 2018 FIFA world cup qualification ; It’s a process of deciding 31 teams which will compete with Russia (automatically qualifies as host ). 210 FIFA member of associations participated in the qualifying process . Zimbabwe and Indonesia were disqualified. Kosovo, Gibraltar , Bhutan and south sadan are teams which made their fresh debut in FiFA world cup 2018.
f) Sponsorship : Adidas , Gazprom , Hyundai -kia , Qatar airways, VISA, Wanda group, Coca cola are the FiFA partners. Anheuser , Hisense , MacDonald, ViVo are FiFA world cup sponsors. Alfa bank is the major European supporter.
What after FIFA world cup 2018 : Next FIFA 2022 is planned in very new destination . Qatar is the next destination for FIFA world cup 2022. This will be the first time when this tournament will be played in a Muslim majority country. In the middle east, Arab. One more important noticeable fact about FIFA 2022 will is it will be the last tournament to involve 32 national teams. Next tournament will have 48 teams unlike previous tournaments.
h) Controversial aspect : With Russia being the hosting nation , there are many controversies surrounding this selection. Some of the issues are like racism in the Russian football. Discrimination against LGBT in wider terms and Russian involvement in Ukraine conflict are few major controversies associated with FIFA 2018.
Several cases of bidding between 2018 -2022 world cups has also been a major issue .

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