JUnit expected exception test

Expected exception test is used for the methods which can throw an exception. We have to specify expected exception in @Test(expected = expectedException.class) action. If expected exception or any of its subclass exception is thrown by the method then JUnit will pass this unit test.


import com.javawithease.business.*;
import static org.junit.Assert.*;
import org.junit.Test;
* This is test case class for division method.
* @author javawithease

public class DivisionTestCase {
//DivisionTest class objects
DivisionTest divisionTest1 = new DivisionTest(10, 2);
DivisionTest divisionTest2 = new DivisionTest(10, 0);
//Test case for division
public void test() {
assertEquals(5, divisionTest1.division());
//Test case for expected ArithmeticException,
//As in this case ArithmeticException
// is the expected exception so JUnit
//will pass this unit test.
@Test(expected = ArithmeticException.class)
public void testException() {
assertEquals(5, divisionTest2.division());
* This is simple java class containing division method.
* @author javawithease

public class DivisionTest {
//data members
int num1, num2;
//parameterised constructor
public DivisionTest(int num1, int num2){
this.num1 = num1;
this.num2 = num2;
//division method
public int division() throws ArithmeticException{
return num1/num2;


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