Log4j example.

Let us discuss the use of Log4j with the help of below example. In this example we use BasicConfigurator for Log4j configurations. BasicConfigurator use ConsoleAppender and PatternLayout for all loggers.


import org.apache.log4j.BasicConfigurator;
import org.apache.log4j.Logger;
* This class is used to show the use of
* Log4j with the BasicConfigurator.
* @author javawithease

public class Log4jTest {
//Get the Logger object.
private static Logger log = Logger.getLogger(Log4jTest.class);
public static void main(String[] args) {
//Configuring Log4j,It will log all messages on console.
//BasicConfigurator use ConsoleAppender and PatternLayout
//for all loggers.
//logger messages
log.debug("Log4j debug message test.");
log.info("Log4j info message test.");


0 [main] DEBUG com.javawithease.business.Log4jTest 
- Log4j debug message test.
1 [main] INFO com.javawithease.business.Log4jTest
- Log4j info message test.

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