MS Excel Open Workbook

Excel Open Workbook

Follow the steps below to open an existing workbook in Microsoft Excel 2010.
Step 1:-Once you click the File Menu on the top left corner you will find option of open in the file menu. This will open two columns on the right. The first column for recent workbooks will show the list of recently opened workbooks while the third column of recent places showing the locations that you visited last.
Step 2:- Once you click the Open in the menu, a dialogue box will open asking you to browse the file and specify its location in the drive. The dialog box is shown below.
Step (3) Once you browse the file correctly and locate it, the desired Microsoft Excel file will open as shown in the screenshot below.

Excel Context Help

Microsoft Excel also offers context sensitive help on moving the mouse. To get the help on the particular context, all you need to do is move the mouse and hold it over the context for some time. This will open the box displaying the Help topics and details as shown below.

Getting More Help

You can also get the help on any general topic related to Microsoft Excel by pressing F1. Instead you can go to the File menu, select Help, then support and click on the Microsoft office Help.

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