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Well, this seems to be quite an interesting topic going on or trending nowadays, throughout the World!

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Everybody on the internet or social sites wants to be social with their neighbour, friends, collegues or on the communities of its own interest. Can it be a mobile, a Tablet or a Desktop, just they needs to be connected.

In fact , all classes of people are now aware of being social. Facebook, Google Plus, Delicious, Stumble upon, Twitter, Linkedin, etc are a good way of being connected.
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Stumble Upon Followers
Some people want new friendship while others believe in just interacting to old ones and some people want both.

Google Plus Followers
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Individuals, now a day’s, wants to increase their friendship, photos, videos, and interests. Also, they want their pages/profile, photos, videos, communities/groups to have more liked to be famous on the social sites.

About Social Websites:                                                                                    

Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Tumblr, Flickr , Google Plus are one of the ways these days to be branded and increase their social visibility.

There are many methods on facebook, like facebook fan pages, communities, etc to have targetive marketing.

Buy Twitter Followers
Twitter Followers

Like we need to share something to the people who live in United States. We join the US community/Group and share something. That post would be mainly visible to the people who have joined that community, and obviously they could have joined it because they stay in US.

The same way we do for our products/brands to reach to the people of similar interest and we get can get good conversion from this type of marketing.

As it is seen from the past experiences, that more the likes on any page, the more the people gets attracted towards that and LIKE/SHARE them too, and this way the Likes gets increased.

There are many methods by which you can get more likes/followers/shares on social sites by posting/sharing interesting things to the respected pages/groups, inviting friends to like/follow, sharing to groups, telling other peoples/communities or by asking friends to invite their friends.

There are many bots available on the internet as you search, but are they true?
They seem to ask for a survey to complete or some small payment, but still you get them?

Social Exchange Sites :                                                                                                                         

You may also use Like/Share exchanging websites where you as a user Like/Share/Follow other person page/profile/photo and get it liked by them. Some examples of such sites are:

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----------and many more can be searched on the web.

The Facebook Likes/Shares through these sites are merely for the visibility of having more number of likes, while it does not fulfill our urge to sell a product or any conversion that we need from that fan pages/communities.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Likes/Shares By Exchange Websites:    

Advantages of being liked/shared through these exchangers:

1)      Good Social media visibility.
2)      Looks attractive that a page/photo/group etc. has got many likes.
3)      If you start a new fan page/community/group the social sites asks to have some initial likes/+plus to have that page/community/group name changed from numbers to our desired URL(if its available).
Eg: to URL if available).

Disadvantages of being liked/ shared through these social exchangers:

1)      There is no/negligible conversion for a business.
2)      Some of the likes revert to unlike.
3)      On these sites you need to spend time to like/share/follow others and then liked them yours.

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