The Curse Of Eternal Life - Review It

Chapter 1

  I William Flint am feeling remorse for the sins I committed. I want to die and get rid of this guilt that I have carried with for 8 years which felt like centuries. Born in a poor household, grew up on a farm and worked as a stable boy till the age of 16. Today I am a overlord of the region known as Lord Flint nicknamed 'The Butcher'.
        Killing too many of my brethen can be said I was possessed by the devil. Am I a possessed by I demon who made me become from from a sweet loving boy to this maniac I ask myself. Drowning my guilt in this glass of wine I think I was surely possessed but by Devil? I doubt. I was possessed by love but can love be so blind to turn a helpless stable boy to such thing. At the age of 26 I will drown myself in wine mixed with venom and leave myself to thee my grace, whether it be heaven or hell I am satisfied. Even if I am burned and tortured in hell by Lucifer for 1000 years its too less to atone my sins.
        Having lived a toxic life full of malice and adultery I wish to end this life and give people a sigh of relief. Kindly forgive me for my crimes.

        Once upon a time in the lands of Arendale lived a poor peasant family The Flints. Flints family comprised of four members, a loving and caring mother Magarette her two sons Philips and Usher, a daughter Emma. The Flints were poor but were happy. Philips was a well built man tall, fair and dark haired man brown eyes muscular body. He was quite strong and would even give complex to some of the generals and lords in his region. His brother Usher was quite the opposite in built. Though Usher inherited the same looks like fair skin black hair brown eyes but he was skinny and quite short as compared to his big brother. The head of the family Magarette was quite different she must have been quite a beauty in her days and her looks were inherited by her daughter and smallest and most loved in the family Emma. Emma had average height pale skin blue eyes and blonde hair. She was slim but well endowed in the places to look a beauty. She was something which can attract which can attract even stoned hearted person and make him crave for lust to have her. She was quite pampered according to the limited resources the family had. Similar to her was her best friend Alice Russow. The only difference were the eyes emma had light blue then alice had dark blue ones. Alice was orphaned at a young age, her father being killed by bandits. Alice was taken care of by her uncle reared horses. Alice wasn't as lucky as emma in the pampering trait, she being an orphan had to work hard with her uncle and aunt. But alice had two things that made her life worthwhile, first being the friendship of emma and second being her admiration and secret love for her brother philips. Whenever she came to the flints to buy fodder she would admire philips muscular body covered in sweat and his smile which would make her day worthwhile. Though Philips always saw her as his little sister's best friend but he too sometimes thought abouth her in an romantic manner.
        The harvest was complete and the peasants were quite happy. Magarette was putting on years as the wrinkles on her face would bear evidence, Philips was already 22 and magarette was thinking that he should start family now. As she was thinking about a suitable girl for her hardworking and loving son, emma arrived from the harvest fair with alice. Magarette was in her thought of choosing a suitable daughter in law when her thought cycle was broken by the laughs and whispers of the two girls. Turning towards the girls to scold them as she approached her frown suddenly turned in a smile and she let them go. Next morning Magarette took off to the russows house near the river and proposed a marriage between her birst born and the orphaned alice. Russows were quite happy as they wanted alice to be married off so they can be free from a forced responsibility. The marriage was agreed upon and the following month emma was greeting alice as her sister in law. The happiness could be seen in the eyes of alice as she now had philips whom she loved from the age of 11 as her man.
        Soon an year past and alice was pregnant magarette had decided after the child birth as soon the child aged an year she would decide life partners for her second son usher and daughter emma. The family was quite happy and having a good harvest for two consecutive years had got them some silver in their pockets. Alice was quite happy as she was center of attention as a good luck charm for the flints and the soon to be mother of new flint member. Magarette had decided to name the child if boy William and girl then Magarette in memory of her late husband and herself. Philips was quite happy but as a man she seldom showed joy. Usher was on cloud nine too, he just hoped that the child would be a boy so he wouldn't be the weakest in the family. Emma had turned out to even more beautiful as she turned 18. And the joy in her eyes had added a spark in her that was hard to resist. She didn't want to be the youngest in family and magarette plans to find her a suitor had given her eyes dream of her prince.
        Soon the day arrived. Alice went into labour. Emma and Magarette assisted her in giving birth. Philips though seldom nervous but today he was, even if he wasn't the one who showed love to his wife but he loved her very much. Usher was getting ready for the feast, he had departed for the market to get sweets and wine to celebrate. But celebration was not fated. There was a complication in alice's labour and after given birth to a beautiful baby boy with fair skin dark blue eyes and blond hair she just held on to her breath to see him and hold him once. There was too much bleeding and she didn't survive. Magarette held her hand in shock and emma with tears in her eyes ran to call philips who was just near the store nervous and walking with long strides. As soon as he saw tears in his sister's eyes he rushed in to see alice and burst into tears as soon he saw alice looking very pale due to loss of blood and lying motionless holding hand of magarette and magarette weeping. Everyone was crying in the room except two the dead alice and the baby boy lying near here and looking at her face with a slight smile. When Usher came home with the wine and sweets it was a shock for him. The house was gloomy and he knew something went wrong. Magarette held baby in her farms and at the funeral of alice gave him to philips patting his shoulder to hold on for young william.
        Six months after alice had passed magarette had turned quite sick and was mourning the loss of alice. Philips was not his usual self either. Usher was managing the farm and emma started taking care of her young nephew and household. One day at the marketplace as she was shopping for bread and vegetable a horse stamped over here she was saved by an inch and as she shouted in rage, the horse stopped and demounted it a tall and dark lord. She recieved a chill in her spine as she taught she had invited a rage of a lord but the lord gazed her and was mesmerized by her beauty. He held her hand kissed it not paying attention on the dirty clothes she was wearing and introduced himself as Lord Jeffrey Belarus. Emma saw the lust in the eyes of the lord and she knew at once she better get out of here. She pulled her hand and ran from there. After she left another black horse stood alongside the lord and a man kneeled greeting the lord "Your servant Mathew Novac pays respect". Jeffrey said just two things to novac find her and I want her in my bedroom tonight. Novac received the order and rode off. 

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