about RakEM app

Everything about RakEM app:

RakEM is the latest complete social messaging app from Raketu Communications Inc. which provides most secure and encrypted social networking services as per the statement of Raketu Communications CEO Greg Parker, this application is a standalone challenge to the day to day security breaches taking place. The surety of what Raketu founder said lies in the fact that this application does not use any server’s in-between devices, but it’s just a direct device to device communication where users won’t have to fear about server data breaching and other issues.
Although its server free environment is great but the foremost thing which is gaining much popularity is its feature to unsend the sent texts. Some times out of anger or frustration, we often sent such messages to persons of concern which we regret latter. However with RakEM you can unsend the text messages and it will get deleted from the receiver’s phone also.
This feature of RakEM is just great to have as it’s uniquely found in this application only. Talking about the features of this application, RakEM isn’t just the text chatting app but you can use it for sending and receiving pictures, make voice / video calls, voice / video messages, etc. Thus, RakEM is a fully fledged social networking platform which can solely fulfill all your social needs in a secure way.

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