How to make your computer faster

How to make your computer faster:

Is your computer giving you hard times in running properly? No matter if this problem arises since you bought your computer or due to aging.  You can always try these workarounds given below to boost the performance of your computer.
  1. Free up hard disk space: As per the given standards, it is said that for smoother performance of PC, its minimum 15% of the disk space should be kept free for ideal working of apps. If you are not fulfilling this rules, you will need to delete some of your non essential data or remove any junk apps you don’t use anymore.
  2. Lighten up your RAM and CPU burden: Deleting data for Pc and uninstalling apps from your PC are two different activities. Already installed app has a great impact on the RAM as well as CPU of your computer. So, uninstalling an already installed app which isn’t of much use to you lightens up the burden on RAM and processing core which ultimately leads to better performance.
  3. Limit the use of background running apps: As a matter of fact, the apps which continuously run in background keep your CPU always working and your RAM is always eaten up so it results in the insufficient speed and RAM availability for other essential apps to perform properly without slowing down your PC.
  4. Proper Anti threat app installation: There are loads of bugs and viruses which are capable of replicating themselves and tremendously slowing down your PC. So, it’s being advised to use a renowned antivirus app that gives your protection against viruses and malwares. However you should try to find an all in one protection app instead of installing different apps for different protective functions because it also becomes a RAM consuming act and has the same slowing down effect on your PC.
  5. Disk cleanup: Via disk clean up, you can delete loads of system created temporary files which could be contributing to the slow performance of your PC. It allows you to manually choose the files which you want to delete for sure.
  6. Wipe out your pre fetch folder: In this folder, windows temporarily stores files of different programs that you frequently use. You can write this command in your note pad and save it as faster.bat file on your desktop simply run it to increase the performance of your PC.

Del C:\windows\prefetch\*.*/Q
Advapi32.dll, ProcessIdleTasks
  1. In case of occasional slow down in the performance, computer should be simply restarted, it’s very fruitful in removing the occasional performance glitch.

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