How to stop nail biting

How to stop nail biting?

Nail biting is a very bad habit often found in children’s and teens whoever the fraction of adults having this problem is very low. To solve the problem permanently, it’s essential to know the reason that caused the problem. When the reason no more exists, this problem will automatically get solved. You will mostly find people engaged in boring lectures, anxious mood, exciting meet or loneliness.  The chief reasons of nail biting are boredom and stress. A person often performs this activity to keep himself occupied when he has nothing better to do. However excitement and frustration can also commence this bad habit of nail biting. In some people it’s occasional but eventually it becomes a regular habit which is a serious issue. We have suggested some of the essential methods which can stop your nail biting problem but patience is the key.
1st Method:
This is the best method if your nail biting problem is out of control. In this method, you have to wrap adhesive bandages over all of the finger nails. You can keep the bandages all day and replace them after every few days. In case your nails start hurting, you can take off the bandages at night. You will need to do this process for few weeks and then take out the bandages. You will feel much better when you will look at your stunning nails but i you aren’t still able to control this habit, you need the start this process again.
2nd Method:
It’s a one nail at a time technique and this method will only work if you have a strong will to stop this bad habit.  Here you choose one nail at time for protection. Don’t be confused, it means that you will choose to keep any one nail safe from your nail biting habit for few days and notice how better your nails looks as compared to others. After few days choose the second nail you want to protect and repeat this course or all the nails. Continue repeating this method till you get rid of this nail biting habit.
  3rd Method:
In this case, you are required to keep your hands and mouth busy. Whenever you feel like you want to bit your nails, do some other task with your hands like playing with a penny, hold something and do any other activity instead of nail biting.  You can also choose a hobby or either keep your mouth busy with chewing a chewing gum or anything ease. Keep fighting this nail biting urge until you don’t need to do so anymore.

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