Latest findings of our Rumor Mash: HTC E9
HTC E9 is the upcoming most expected Smartphone to be released with HTC One M9 in the April 2015 event of HTC. According to the reports, HTC E9 flaunts the same design as of HTC one M9 but the main difference lies in the fact that HTC E9 will be housing a plastic shiny body in contrast to the metallic body of HTC One M9. A lot of stuff has been revealed about HTC E9. Just check it out.
  1. Design: HTC E9 will be flaunting a 5.5inches display encased in a plastic body. The body of this Smartphone is supposed to be much more gleaming and shinier than HTC One M9. However due to huge size and plasticity, this Smartphone will need an extra bit of care thus encasing and application of glass screen protector is must.
  2. Display Quality: The display of HTC E9 is reported as a 5.5inch qHD display with resolution of 2560*1440pixels and pixel density of 534. The display quality clearly suggests that this thing is about to go much hotter than HTC One M9 in this standard. The pixel density of this standard is definitely an open challenge to premium leading Smartphone in the market.
  3. Performance: Without disappointing its fans, HTC will be providing a 64 bit MediaTek processor in this Smartphone clocked at 2GHz and accompanied by 3GB RAM. If things are quite like this, this Smartphone from HTC is turning out to be the new beast of streets and sell out like a hot cake. This configuration is totally awesome and so is its display.
  4. Camera: HTC E9 will be flaunting a 20MP rear camera however there’s no word out yet about its front shooter. But this Smartphone has clearly made its way into entertainment, gaming, performance and now photography. A 20MP camera is enough of the goodness present in this Smartphone.
  5. Battery backup: This Smartphone will be packed with a 2800mAh battery which is 2850mAh in case of HTC One M9. Not making much difference, it’s pretty clear that this Smartphone will also provide 24h of battery back up on 3G network and this is quite good time.
Our overall exploration results in the fact that HTC E9 is going to be a beast in case of graphics quality, camera, performance and battery backup. However storage capacity, front camera configuration and GPU are yet to be revealed and hopefully every secret will be out in streets soon along with this beast.

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