Hydrogen OS designed by OpenPlus landing in china on 28th May

Hydrogen OS designed by OpenPlus landing in china on 28th May
As per the latest announcement made by Oneplus, their new custom ROM hydrogen OS will be releasing in china on 28th May for the flagship killer OnePlus One. Currently OnePlus One Smartphone users in china are using Color OS and all set to welcome the all new Hydrogen OS.
Hydrogen OS custom ROM designed by OnePlus is skinned over Android v5.0 Lollipop OS introducing the fresh and innovative material design. This new custom ROM from OnePlus will be more or less like the previously released Oxygen OS focused on the battery endurance and high performance. OnePlus promised that Hydrogen OS will be developed free of bloatware’s and there will be no harmful features in the build.
It’s clearly evident that OnePlus has got the nerves to rise against the beef which was caused between OnePlus and Cyanogen OS when latter signed the deal with Indian Smartphone firm Micromax.   Since now and then OnePlus is interested in going solo and thus is working hard on releasing their own independent custom ROM’s.  Much sooner than the expectations, OnePlus is planning to release OnePlus Two Smartphone however details about this Smartphone are unknown yet.

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