LG G4 display configuration unveiled

LG G4 display configuration unveiled:
As per the latest announcement made by LG, their latest flagship Smartphone LG G4 is scheduled to be arriving on 28th April 2015. But out of worldwide anticipation, recently LG display, flaunted their 5.5inch QHD display panel to be used in LG G4. Although LG G3 also was flaunted with a 5.5inch Quad HD display but this display is somehow much better than that one offering 120% color gamut, which is 20% extra than what LG G3 used.
This LG G4 display panel provides resolution of 1440*2560 and pixel density of 538ppi. This highly pixilated display panel is capable of producing 50% more contrast as compared to other QHD display and 30% more brightness will be offered without extra battery consumption. This will allow LG G4 to provide much better display performance in reflective areas without battery drainage which is the main problem nowadays.
  • Unlike ordinary LED display;
  • Its high color gamut Led panel offers more precise colors,
  • Its AIT technology produces higher sensitivity in touch and can even predict minute touching sensation,
  • Its Photo alignment technology enables it to produce higher contrast ratio because of its unique liquid crystal alignment.
Everything looks great in this display and LG G4 looks perfectly compatible premium Smartphone which can cope up with the high competition among premium Smartphone segment. So, let’s hope LG’s latest technology can withstand the competition from Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Moto X, iPhone 6 and other big heads in the game.

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