Microsoft is catering two high end Smartphone coded as Cityman and Talkman

Microsoft is catering two high end Smartphone coded as Cityman and Talkman
It’s apparent that so far Microsoft’s release of Lumia Smartphone’s in the majority cases were allied with the midrange segment mostly to fill up the voids left by Nokia but this seems to be ending now. Microsoft is currently working on these two codenamed project’s which could prove to be the Microsoft’s flagship Smartphone of 2015 most likely running windows 10 OS. Theoretically Microsoft has showcased the power of Windows 10 OS and high end Smartphone’s are needed for harnessing the power. 
The Project Continuum by Microsoft can only take a solid shape for public usage if Smartphone’s with such high end configurations are launched by Microsoft. So, it’s obvious that Microsoft’s latest powerful operating techniques will show their true colours in these codenamed Smartphone’s.  
Talking about the codenamed Smartphone’s Cityman’s Qualcomm processor is based on 64 bit architecture and coupled with 3GB RAM. Cityman will be sporting a 5.7inch QHD display; it will be planted with 20MP primary camera and 5MP front shooter. Cityman will be provided with 32GB internal storage for storing all the data adequately.  It features a 3300mAh battery for providing the best battery endurance.
Talkman is a handy Smartphone flaunting 5.2 inch display providing QHD resolution. It will be operating on a 64 bit hexa core processor.  While as rest of features for Talkman are considered to be similar with Cityman except that it will be provided with 3000mAh battery which is enough to provide the plenty battery backup. 
The secret in both the cases remains that which processor will be used in these two Smartphone’s, well mostly probably these Smartphone’s are expected to be provided with Snapdragon 810 chipset in case of Cityman and Snapdragon 808 in case of Talkman. It has also been rumoured that Microsoft will be debuting its Apple’s continuity lookalike feature which will make it able for user to make and take calls right from the windows 10 OS running PC.
When will Cityman and Talkman arrive?
Unfortunately there is no concrete dating for the release of these two Smartphone’s but as far as our calculations go, it’s obvious that windows 10 is still being cooked up to perfection besides these two Smartphone’s are also yet under process. Moreover Microsoft is currently working hard on all the projects whether it’s about HoloLens or Cortana integration. So, expectedly Cityman will Talkman will see daylight at the end of 2015 when Microsoft completes its unfinished business with windows 10 development.

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